Haiku: Rule or Rhyme ?

Five -seven - then five.
Rule is prison for poems.
Freedom goes to rhyme.

From men to apes

Red Revolution
The reversed evolution
from humans to apes

Saigon Haikus


Collapse of the South
in April, Seventy five
Saigon was buried.


"Liberation" Day,
the People's Red Army marched
on the dead city.


Saigon was renamed
foul smell from the dead body
Ho Chi Minh City!

"Havana" Haikus


Havana - sunrise
from Red Revolution night
Bloodshed dims blue sky


Havana's cigars
ploughed my face, left deep scars
Yo bravo Castro!

Terrible Times" Haiku

World collapsed - no lights!
Lover drifted far away
full darkness inside.

Haiku for "Ghosts Of The Past" painting

Deep in memory
haunted by "ghosts of the past"
future was buried.

Haikus for "Life is a Stage" painting


Is life a real stage?
are we actors - actresses?
curtain closed - The End.


Whatever you are
poor, rich, yellow, black or white
Life - as if a play.


Kings 'N Queens in life
as on stage with coloured lights
In the End - all died.

Haiku for "Alone Again Naturally" painting

Silver moonlight flows
on soft, creamy, 'n fine breasts,
burning my dull heart.


Fear of the unknown
chewing off my rusty seoul
buries me alone.


Dream of butterflies
Colorful wings in blue sky
Swimming in moonlight.

"topless" haikus for fun


Two soft mountains high.
crush all imagination,
blind my naked eyes!


lost in the valley.
between two dangereous hills
Oh baby! love you.


Do I trust my eyes!
two big creamy balls in sight
don't fool me baby!

Haikus from the First Snow Storm in Greater Victoria

1* The cold blanket

White blanket of snow
slippery - terribly cold
Freezing young and old.

2* The abnormal

Curling like a worm
Office windows blurred - snow storm
Weather's out of norm.

3* The wish granted

Wishing for first snow
Now it comes row after row
Don't complain "too cold."

4* At the bus stop

Wait for morning ride
Wind storm blows away warm hat
Late again! Damned bus!

5* To downtown Victoria

Icy- slippery
on the roads to downtown core
many drunken cars.

6* Morning in my office

Overnight-swirled storm
Freezing cold - the office air
Yawning in a chair

7* Afternoon in my office

Wet and cold outside
Office - warm, dry, and cozy
Gossips fly around.

8* In Downtown Victoria

The chilly snow storm
Blowing through the downtown core
Homeless men still snore.

Viet Tran -Haiku Anarchist

Morning-ritual Haiku


Back coffee and bright morning light
blended well
enjoy first cup of the day.


Watch out for
Autumn leaves drowned in
First cup of morning tea.

"Don't Broken" - photo by A.Bansgrove in Aceh province

Aceh Haiku

Tsunami has tossed
fishing boat sits on a house
Neither house nor boat

walnut hog

Haiku for the confused

walnuts - not avocados
as he mistakenly accused the squirrels
steal his confused head.

A day in downtown Victoria


An old native
begs for
small change
on the aboriginal land
Government Street.

look at him
as if
he were from
outer space.


A Japanese tourist
steps over
Chinese cooking wine
on the pavement.

Morning sun's glazing
on the face of
the homeless man sleeping
beneath the apple tree
by the Blue Bridge.


Seaplanes soar
over the carved eagle on
the "world tallest" totem pole.

A seagull deposits
its droping
on my head.

Monday, September 22, 2008

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